Helping Latter-day Saints be Prepared to Teach
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20+ Professional Teachers Willing To Share Their Secrets To Student Engagement, Teaching Tactics, & Overall Classroom Success
Creating an Engaging Classroom Experience
Brad Wilcox
BYU Professor
Stimulating Classroom Participation
Dave Crenshaw
Professional Speaker
Teaching Youth
Maria Eckersley
Social Media Personality
Teaching Through Better Stories
Matthew Dicks
Teaching the Gospel Virtually
DeAnna Murphy
Leadership Consultant
Teaching Through the Power of the Scriptures
Ben Wilcox
Seminary Teacher
Learning Experience Designing
Taylor Halverson
BYU Professor
The Art of Teaching
Hank Smith
BYU Professor
Teaching Primary & Loving it!
Camille Gillham 

Avoiding Death by PowerPoint
Ben Bernards
Questions that Lead to Discussion
David Farnsworth
Bountiful, UT
Retention Through Object Lessons
Scott Newman
Professor at LDS Business College
Discovering Your Talents
Dustin Peterson
Effective Classroom Setup & Presentation
Jared & Jenny Smith
Stafford, VA
Making Your Lesson Stand Out
Jason Hewlett
Professional Speaker
Including All Learners in the Lesson
Casey Paul Griffiths
BYU Professor
Blending Content & Methods in Your Teaching
Kevin Miller
President of Visionbound
Teaching Like a Spiritual Rockstar
Jeff Birk
Professional Speaker
What You'll Learn During the Summit
Brad Wilcox
BYU Professor, Author
  • The secret to effective teacher council meetings
  • Getting past the old teaching advice and encouraging all teachers to excel
  • Sunday School is not sacrament meeting on a smaller scale!
  • How ward teachers and auxiliaries can work together to make teaching work for your ward
  • How to help students have an INSIDE-OUT experience and not an OUTSIDE-IN experience.
  •  Making object lessons EASY to help retain the lesson in the minds of your students
  • Step to allowing the spirit teach the lesson through object lessons
  • Helping special needs students love Sunday School 
  • The 5 stages of teaching youth - AWESOME application for youth leaders
  • Helping youth want to learn so everyone enjoyed the lesson.
Maria Eckersley
Brandon Comstock
Seminary and Religious Courses Teacher
  • Scientific research regarding cell phones and how they affect our relationships and study
  • 5 things that have to happen to get effective smartphone use at church
  • Training students to use phones and teaching youth to do digital scripture study
  • Tips and phrases to use in your church classes as you guide your class in using the Gospel Library app
  • Effective classroom setup that stimulate deep learning and avoids distraction 
  • Discouraging cell phone distractions, especially for youth
  • The secret to youth classroom setting to keep them focused on the lesson
  • How to leverage the table, chalkboard, and chairs to stimulate participation and discussion
  • How to identify the physical barriers that impede student learning
Jenny Smith
Blogger, Seminary Teacher
Dave Farnsworth
Business Consultant, Full-time Missionary (Recently Passed Away)
  • Asking questions that stimulate discussion so you never wrestle with empty silence
  • Trusting your students to contribute to a dynamic classroom discussion
  • The secret to drawing out personal examples from your students
  • Setting an effective classroom mindset that leads to successful dialogue 
  • Developing stories that solidify the lesson in the hearts of the students
  • Spiritually Feeding Yourself While Teaching Primary so you love your calling
  • How to connecting with children so they love Primary
  • Easy ways to reach out to those who don't attend class

Camille Gillham
Blogger at Chicken Scratch N Sniff
Casey Paul Griffiths
BYU Professor of Church History
  • How to teach to different learning styles so nobody is left out of the lesson
  • 3 tactics to help the teacher be prepared to teach and know the material
  • The power of READINESS, PARTICIPATION, AND APPLICATION in formatting your lesson
  • Creating a HOOK that will capture the attention of your class
  • How to get your students to share their testimony with you and others
Summit Schedule
Each day starting at 8 am (MST) we will feature 2 sessions, available for 24 hours. Schedule subject to change.

The summit has ended. Register now and we will let you know when it opens up again.

February 3
Casey Paul Griffiths - BYU Professor of Church History - Including All Learners in the Lesson
Maria Eckersley - - Helping Youth Teach

February 4
Brad Wilcox - BYU Professor, Author - Creating an Engaging Classroom Experience
Jenny Smith - Blogger, Seminary Teacher - Effective Classroom Setup

February 5
Jason Hewlett - Professional Speaker - Making Your Lesson Stand Out
Camille Gillham - Blogger - Teaching Primary & Loving it!

February 6-7
Maria Eckersley - - Success With Object Lessons
Scott Newman - College Professor & Trainer - Retention Through Object Lessons
Jeff Birk - Professional Speaker, Author - Teach Like a Spiritual Rockstar

February 8
Dustin Peterson - Author, Professional Coach - Discovering Your Talents
David Crenshaw - Professional Speaker, Author - Stimulating Classroom Participation

February 9
Dave Farnsworth - Executive Coach - Questions that Lead to Discussion
Maria Eckersley - - Teaching Those With Special Needs

February 10
Hank Smith - BYU Professor, Author, Speaker - The Art of Teaching
Ben Bernards - Author, EFY Speaker - Avoiding Death By PowerPoint

February 11
Kevin Miller - Leadership Consultant - Blending Content & Methods in Your Teaching
Matthew Dicks - Author, Storyteller, Teacher - Teaching Through Better Stories

February 12
Taylor Halverson - BYU Teaching & Learning Consultant - Learning Experience Designing
DeAnna Murphy - Leadership Development Consultant - Teaching the Gospel Virtually
Ben Wilcox - Host of Teaching With Power
Casey Paul Griffiths - BYU Professor of Religious History

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